Golfing Gods

The Roman Gods used to look envious towards the Greek Gods' Olympic Games. Thus, they decided to host their own competitions.

However, theirs ought to be much more exciting! Instead of using dull earthly objects to throw, the Roman Gods shoot the moon around planets, aiming for a black hole.

From now on, the Golf Games are hosted every four years. The best gods compete. Each god is allowed to use one of their godly powers in the contest.

Take on the role of one of the Roman Gods and become the Golf God Champion.


SPACECharge the moon while holding, shoot the moon on release
RRestart Level
EStart your God Power
Mouse (left)Use your God Power
Mouse (wheel)Zoom in and out  to view the galaxy

God Powers

Click the icon next to the God's name to see the power in action.

FortunaThe luck of Fortuna slows  down time and allows you to move one obstacle in the level (drag and drop).
MarsBattle-scared Mars knows how to defend against damage. Next time the moon would crash into a planet, it bounces away instead.
JupiterHis mighty lightning bolts are known everywhere. Give your moon a boost in a direction by dropping a lightning bolt (click) behind it.



The planet's gravitational force will attract the moon, which can help you to reach your destination. However, be careful. If the moon is too close to the planet's surface, it will explode.

Waypoint Planets

Waypoint planets allow you to throw the moon again.


Colliding with asteroids will not make the moon explode, but can change the moon's course.


Collect stars to unlock new gods to play.

Black Hole

The target where you should aim the moon at.

Level Editor

Design your own levels and share them with your friends.  

Who can design the best levels and who can complete all of them? 

Share your creations with us for a chance to get featured in the next release. If we feature your level, we will add your name to the credits. 

Fixes after entry

v1.0.3: Fixed Text positions in Tutorial levels


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Version 1.0.3


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I like all the different designs for the planets. Found it a little bit hard to judge where the moon would go based on the charge bar, fun to play tho. Nice game!

Thanks for playing and your feedback.

Valid point. We thought of introducing an arrow, showing the current direction while charging, but there wasn't enough time :)